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How to Fix Pink Screen on Laptop

It’s a whole heart wrench situation seeing your expensive laptop screen turned pink after some period of your purchase. But believe me, don’t panic as this situation, in many cases, remains under your control.

Before handing out your precious machine to any repairer, the good news is you can resolve this issue without any complex tool and technical knowledge.

So, how to fix pink screen on laptop? I had this issue 2 times in my computing journey. And truthfully speaking, I had the same problem both the time, but the root cause was a little different. Firstly, I had my Pentium 4 desktop that always turned the monitor into a Pink storm whenever I play a video.

Secondly, when I boarded the laptop boat with my first ever Dell Inspiron 15 3521 3rd Generation. The laptop started giving me some pinkish and greenish lines, and this issue became severe with the usage.

So, the whole story here is I resolved both of the issues without paying a hefty troubleshooting cost or cleaning service charges.

But how did I come out from this unwanted and annoying Pink screen laptop Issue? I am writing down some of the affected ways to help the unfortunate computer guys.

How to Fix Pink Screen on Laptop? No Need to Smash Your Head!

You may find many bits of advice on this topic. But practicality or effectiveness of these pieces of advice will just be like salt in the ocean. For example, if you type, why is my screen pink and how to resolve the pink screen issue? You’ll get bombarded with information like restart your system, remove unwanted apps, etc.

Factually, restarting the system may help you out but in most of the rarest cases.

You have to find the substantive root cause of the problem, and as per my experience, there are 2-3 genuine solutions to your question. These can be both hardware and software-related issues; however, the hardware related issue has more ratio. Let me present these here;

Faulty Cable Needs a Check:

As I started out my Laptop journey with the Dell Inspiron series, the first pink screen issue I got was at a minimal stage that one could hardly notice. Luckily, the system was in the warranty duration; thus, I decided to disturb the customer support. The manufacturer accepted my case yet, the misjudgment of the root cause was the only thing that threw the Pink screen laptop issue back to my face.

The customer support replaced the whole LCD screen considering the culprit for my issue. The Pink screen issue was temporarily gone.

After some time, the pink screen on laptop was smiling at me with a great surge in volume this time. So why did I say that typical “technical” internet advice is less practical? I went through every single flashier information and didn’t find the exact curb of my laptop’s issue.

So, I finally stepped into another CS examination, and this time we found the exact parasite. The strip-wire connecting LCD and the motherboard was faulty or broken. It was causing pain in my eyes through this weird pink screen issue.

I replaced the strip for 20$ (at that time) and made the last laugh till I shifted to my new system. Consequently, your victimization against these pink lines on laptop screen may be due to the breakdown of some connecting cables. Similarly, in the desktop scenario, your faulty analog VGA cable could also be the energy drainer.

Therefore, test out the hardware troubleshooting first.

Keep Your GPU Unit Cleaner Than Your Face:

It was my Pentium series system that was bearing my nonsense carelessness. Whenever I used to play videos or video games, the pink lines gradually covered up my system screen. The problem-resolving approach was the same this time, too (tried all the nitty-gritty). In the end, the real cause was the nastiest GPU unit was mountains of dirt chunks stuck in the fan, restricting the fan to work properly.

This scenario was raising the GPU temperature. As a result of this, the Pink screen was the only option left for the system to treat me with.

Therefore, you should also keep a check on GPU condition. In both the laptop and Desktop cases, use a blow dryer to keep your GPU fan clean from the dust. Apart from the dust issue, you can also monitor your GPU temperature through EVGA’s Precision X1 software.

The Software Side that Can Create a Punk Display:

Lastly, you can try many software side tweaks to combat the persistence of the issue. Software side tweak means maybe your GPU driver is outdated or negatively affected by some unwanted files, or you have some malicious thread affecting the display performance.

So, solving these problems needs obvious updates for your GPU or removal of corrupt or malfunctioned apps. In addition to this, you can also try scanning the whole system to check is any Trojan or thread, making this annoying trouble.

The Bottom Line:

The pink screen issue, in many cases, isn’t very troublesome and can be resolved without scarifying your sweat and blood. So if you want to know what’s the major problem-solving point here, let’s summarize the whole story

  • Replace the faulty monitor or Laptop LCD cable
  • Clean your GPU periodically
  • Update your system drivers
  • Remove unverified apps or software
  • Last but not least, restart your system in a case you haven’t done it for ages

So, how to fix pink screen on laptop? Hopefully, you got some valuable insights that will surely be practically viable.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

How do I fix the green and pink screen?

Pink, green, and bluish lines originate due to a similar cause, which I already mentioned above. In case you don’t find a solution with these techniques, you can visit a computer or laptop technician.

Why is my laptop screen showing different colors?

This is majorly a reason for the faulty screen or, most likely, the faulty strip LCD connector (strip wire), which creates this sort of trouble.

Is it worth fixing a laptop screen?

Laptop screens are expensive. If the budget isn’t your primary headache, you can change the machine. Otherwise, 100 to 300$ would be the damages you have to suffer at the very last.