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How to remove scratches from Aluminum Laptop

Where computing technology has grown beyond the limits, laptop-built-quality has exquisitely been shifted from plastic to aluminum. Imagine! You got a 2000$ high-end fancy MacBook Pro laptop, but aesthetically, it doesn’t fascinate you anymore due to scratches and faded shine after some months of use.

Instead of throwing your machine away from your heart, you can easily make it shine again like a brand new piece. Believe me; I don’t joke; you can even remove deep scratches from your laptop body without disturbing your budget.

But, how to remove scratches from aluminum laptop casing?

There are plenty of hacks and tricks popping on the internet to remove scratches from laptop. Yet, the only thing we should take into notice is a long-lasting way and will eventually do more good than any harm.

And besides all this, there is NO “scratch-proof” like a thing has been crafted till now. So ultimately, whether you are an overwhelmed MacBook user or 500$ windows laptop rookie, saving your Laptop from the attacks of minor to major scratches is only the Win you should Aim.

For that purpose, let’s jump onto my “Applied and Achieved” methods to get rid of these unwanted scratches.

How to Remove Scratches from Aluminum Laptop:

The ToothPaste Method – Your Everyday Inexpensive Cleaner:

Just to burst the bubble of your curiosity at the very start, let me clear this; Yes! Toothpaste can be an effective remedy against Minor scratches (I said minor, bear this in mind).

Well, whether whitening toothpaste makes your teeth shiny or not, it can let you win the battle against the scratches while being an inexpensive daily use laptop scratch remover. You may have seen toothpaste acting as a DIY hack for most of the materials in may videos. But Yes, it works in the real-world too.

But you need to be a little cautious!

Toothpaste brings abrasive properties in its formulation. You need to be a little wiser while choosing a non-abrasive toothpaste as it will do the purpose without doing any harm.

The abrasiveness is measured in the RDA unit (Radioactive Dentin Abrasiveness), and toothpaste under 70-80 abrasiveness represents a mildness or non-existent harshness in this regard.

If your purpose is to remove the laptop screen scratches, bring a regular Paste-based toothpaste under 70-80 RDA.

So how does it work?

Abrasiveness is another thing; toothpaste contains whitening and shining agents like silica and Calcium carbonate. The smaller the particle will be, the more good will come your way. In this regard, the tiny particles easily level outs the scratches and provide more shine.

For a safe application, you just need to pick a soft microfiber fabric, put a small quantity of toothpaste, and rub gently on the surface in a circular motion. Don’t put unnecessary pressure, wipe off the toothpaste, and it’s done.

Pro Tip:

  • Watch out for RDA numbers before buying a toothpaste
  • Try this method first on a small surface to avoid any damage.

Scratch Removers – The Most Commonly Adopted Way:

While you are a little moody to test out the toothpaste method, the most commonly used method is to buy an aluminum scratch remover for laptops. There is a wide range of cleaners in the market that will only work for minor or superficial scratches.

You only have to apply the solution to the laptop gently and rub it in a circular motion.

These removers usually work for minor uncolored scratches that don’t affect the paint and material. For deeper scratches, you will have to apply multiple applications that may cause more damage than the expected goodness.

Apple MacBook comes in Aluminum material. Thus, you’ll mostly see MacBook Scratch Remover in the market. Nonetheless, these can work on any aluminum surface.

Removing Deep Scratches from Aluminum – Metallic Polisher is Also in Race:

Metallic or Metal polish comes to attain multi-purpose results like maintaining, restoring, and polishing the surface. You only have to go this way if you have some unfortunate deep scratches on your laptop aluminum body.

But selection needs a little check.

These come in two nature; restoratives and polishers. Restoratives are highly abrasive formulations that fill the paint’s damages, cuts, and deep scratches. Due to it’s multi-purpose working, car owners, Painters, and welders readily carry this type in their bags.

On the other hand, Polishers are mild-abrasive in nature and made for light touch-ups and sensitive surfaces. These are also formulated in various forms like Wax, Gel, and Paste. As the laptop is a sensitive case, you should go with Paste form so that thickness will let quickly settle this material in affected areas.

The usage is simple here too. Apply to a soft microfiber cloth, gently stamp to the surface without any hard hands, let the application settle there for a few minutes, and wipe off the extra amount.

Nonetheless, the psyche of usage is no different as to be very watchful of using above the limit. It may blur the shine in return.

Plastic Polishers – Handy Solution for Minor Scratches:

The name suggests it’s a Plastic Specific solution, but it isn’t, in fact. Generally, Bikers, laptop owners, and housewives use this compound. Plastic polishers are mild to a low abrasive mixture of chemicals. These are temporary solutions to get your smile back, and when it fades away, you need to re-apply.

Again, the selection needs a little attention here.

Plastic polish comes in oil and liquid form. It’s up to you which one you choose, but be very safe from silicone-based polish as this won’t deliver long-lasting results and needs extra care for application.

Besides, you’ll be getting this to remove deep scratches from the aluminum surface? It is only for minor blemishes.

So, how to get scratches out of aluminum with plastic polish? The recipe is a little different, and it needs a bit of effort there;

  • You need to clean the affected surface with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water.
  • Dry the surface and let assume no dust particles settle at the surface before polishing
  • Apply polish to the scrub and likewise rub gently in a circular motion.
  • Let the polish fix for some minutes and wipe off then.

Other Ways – Yes These Work Too:

I have mentioned some of the most effective ways, and these won’t require much of your budget or formulation tricks either. But then, if you don’t find yourself easygoing with these solutions, some other tricks will also bring down your trouble.

  • The Baking Soda Home Remedy
  • Soft Brush Scrubbing Tool

For baking soda, you need to make a mixture of baking soda and water. Make an adequate thickness by adding 2:1 ingredients of soda and water. Then, apply the same circular pattern with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth and rinse it after a few minutes. You are done.

For soft brushing or scrubbing, you need a scrubber tool. It will help you eliminate all minor or superficial scratches and let the aluminum body shine. But using excessively will affect the color quality.

The Bottom Line – Don’t Be In a Hurry:

The idea is don’t make your laptop fall prey to ugly scratches. Always try a soft laptop pouch or bags to maximize your laptop safety. But still, you never know what an unfortunate situation can hunt down your pretty laptop machine and put some unwanted scratches.

For that situation, hopefully, I have already solved your query for how to remove scratches from aluminum laptop?

Lastly, my suggestion is, it’s totally up to you which method you choose. But don’t overdo it. Be gentle to your laptop body and take the very best care of your laptop.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

How to remove scratches from brushed aluminum?

The brushed aluminum is slightly thicker than standard aluminum but the same in materials. It also comes in a grainy pattern that needs a little extra care while removing scratches. To remove scratches from brushed aluminum, you need to do old tricks like toothpaste or baking soda, or plastic polishing. In case it’s not working out, you’ll need to bring wax metallic polishes. But no need to bring rubbing compounds as it may do damage.

How to get scratches out of aluminum?

I have mentioned all very working and all seasoned tips and solutions to get scratches out of aluminum laptops. You need to apply with little care; these will definitely help you out.

How do you remove scratches from a metal laptop?

The scheme is no different than the Aluminum laptop. For removing scratches from a metal surface, you can apply all the same methods with the same way of application.